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Murmur is a free anonymous messaging app that does not require an Internet connection! You can use Murmur to:* Post public, restricted or self-destruct messages to the network* Use the feed to sort, search, save and delete messages* Endorse messages you like* Control your anonymity by deciding what information to share* Filter trustworthy messages using a Connection Score assigned to each message
Key facts about Murmur:* Open-source - the source code is available on GitHub and we welcome your feedback and involvement!* Messages are seamlessly exchanged between devices without user intervention using Bluetooth & WiFi * Anonymous - users form a dynamic peer-to-peer network i.e. there is absolutely no central server that tracks your messages or usage of the app ; you control what information to share* Privacy - while calculating Connection Score we use cryptography to mask your contacts and ensure your security* Delay-tolerant - if no other devices are around, messages are queued and sent later* Messages are sent as broadcast to entire network - therefore they are not encrypted but sent as plain textOther cool things you can do with Murmur:* Send restricted messages to people that share contacts with you* Go offline when you’re not around other users* One-click reset erases all information on the app* Share text from other apps* Export feed including all messages to CSV file* Add contacts either via QR Code or directly from your phone book* Easily share that app with your friends
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We speak your language! Also available in these languages: العربية , 中文(简体) , Español, Русский, ภาษาไทย, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt
Want to get involved? Feel free to send us a pull request, request a feature or report a bug!