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1. VBE Ghost Box Radar 2. Raptor 3. The Incredible ITC Ghost Box 4. MurMur Box 5. Paranormal Live Ghost Box 6. Steve Hultay Live Ghost Box.

MurMur box ghost app, the spirit's say it works...great responses

A quick test of the MurMur box ghost app. Some great responses on this trial run. Many thanks to Paranormal Shadow Investigations for this free download.

TESTING: The Murmur Box Spirit App from Matt Payne. Amazing.

Giving the new app MURMUR Box from Matt Payne a go. What happned surprised me as at playback I had MANY replies. This app is FREE and contains ONLY ...

Updated MurMur Spirit Box - 2 Minute ITC Test Session, Non-Stop Communication.

The new update from Matt Payne is working stupendously. Everyone must try this free app. Edited with Audacity.

The MurMur Box - Spirits speaking clearly

Wen't back to Ryders Woods where I did My first ghost hunt to see if I could now hear what the spirit has to say. Using a new app called the MurMur Box off ...

Top 20 Free Spirit Box Apps For Android 2017

I had no idea how much work was going to be required of me to get a hold of somebody at comcast willing to produce my video documentary of Thoroughly ...

Setting up mumble on your android smartphone by Rawze

Just showing how I set up my android phone to get on mumble.

Quickly Testing New Free Spirit Box Apps: Heaven Box, MurMur, and Portal. Many clear responses.

The audio of this test was recorded and edited on just my android phone with the free audio app "Lexis", highly recommended for on-the-go session recording ...

MurMur Box experiment. Calls me an "idiot"

I decided to convert my old Asus laptop into an android device. I really wanted to pursue my passion for the paranormal and decided to make a video on the ...

Heart Murmur Pro

These are heart murmurs from heart murmur pro the app.

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